Lot A - Monkman RV Park

For Sale


Location:Ridge Road

Contact:Director, Economic & Community Development


Details:The Monkman RV Park is a gem for our growing tourism scene. It offers an amazing view of Bergeron Cliffs and is situated close to the heart of Tumbler Ridge’s downtown. As the second UNESCO Global Geopark in North America, our tourism industry keeps booming yearly. This is an exciting opportunity for savvy investors. There are two options, one including the sani-dump and water station and one without. With the sani/water: $800,500. Without the sani/water: $658,100. Alternative 1: This alternative includes all the land within Lot 1 Plan EPP22815 and Lot A, Plan EPP22816. It includes the Monkman RV Park and the Sani Dump and Potable Water station. Total site area is 25.15 acres. Lot A Plan EPP22815 11.76 acres. Lot 1 Plan EPP22816 13.39 acres. Alternative 2:This would be a site of approximately 18.5 acres, which would include all of the area in the parcel described as Lot A District Lot 3164 Peace River District Plan EPP22816, being 13.39 acres, and approximately 5.11 acres presently included within the boundaries of Lot 1 District Lot 3164 Peace River District Plan EPP22815. Features: Topography: Reasonably flat. Services: Adjacent sani-dump and potable water station, shower/washroom and laundry facilities, playground, several winterized sites. Access via Monkman Way. Location: Middle Bench.

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