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The Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Officer and Chief Financial Officer are local government staff who support operations at a senior level along with other department heads. It takes a wide variety of employees to run programs, provide services and implement the policies and decisions made by elected officials.



The Community Charter and Local Government Act provides for a Chief Administrative Officer to have the following duties:

  • Manage the local government's operations overall
  • Implement the municipal council or regional district board's policies, programs and other directions
  • Advise and inform the council or board on the local government's operation and affairs

Chief Administrative Officers typically serve as the primary point of contact between the council or board and the local government's staff. The municipal council or regional district board often delegates to the Chief Administrative Officer the responsibility to hire individuals to fill the other officer and employee positions.

Aleen Torraville
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
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The Corporate Officer is responsible for the statutory duties outlined in the Community Charter. The Corporate Officer is engaged in highly responsible, complex, and diverse work at a senior level, including:

  • Ensure that accurate minutes are prepared for each council or board meeting and committee meetings
  • Maintain and keep safe the minutes, bylaws, and other records of the business of the council or board and its committees
  • Ensure that access is provided to records of the local government's business, as required by law or authorized by the council or board
  • Administer oaths and take affirmations, affidavits and declarations as required under provincial legislation
  • Certify copies of bylaws and other documents
  • Accept notices and documents that are required or permitted to be provided to the local government or its council or board
  • Keep the corporate seal of the local government, and affix it to documents as required

Aleen Torraville
Corporate Officer
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