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Tumbler Ridge Museum

Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, research and display of British Columbia’s fossil heritage and Tumbler Ridge history through science, historical archives and public education. We undertake these activities while maintaining the highest possible professional and ethical standards without bias. 

Dinosaur Discovery Gallery

Explore the history of the natural world from the Triassic Period through to the Ice Age. Our fossil collection spans over 200 million years of biodiversity featuring marine life, plant life, dinosaurs, and more.

Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre

The Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC) was established in 2003 to be the fossil archives for the fossils removed during the first dinosaur bone excavation in British Columbia.

Education and Tours

Experience 97 million year old dinosaur footprints up close in their natural environment!

Tumbler Ridge Historical Archives

The Archives is a repository for textual records dating from the initial feasibility study by North East Coal in 1973, to the present, and of photo images including the development of the coal mines, the construction of the town of Tumbler Ridge, the people, clubs and events.

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