Building & Utilities Permit Applications

Permits help ensure that construction and major renovations comply with local bylaws, the building code and health and safety standards.

You need to get the required permits before any stage of a project can start.

Contact Town Hall to get answers to important questions or see the FAQ's below. 

Typically, permits required for new construction projects or major renovations fall under broad categories including building, demolition and plumbing.

Homeowners may also need electrical and gas permits. 


305 Iles Way, Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0
Phone: (250) 242-4242

The regulations that govern building permitting in Tumbler Ridge include Building & Plumbing Bylaw No. 600, 2013, District Zoning Bylaw No.585, 2012 and the BC Building Code.


The easiest way to determine whether or not a building permit is needed is to contact the Building Official at Town Hall. Building Regulations require you to obtain a Building Permit if you are planning to:

  • Construct a new building or dwelling
  • Make structural changes or repairs to an existing dwelling (including installation and removal of interior walls)
  • Installation of a fence, deck or other structure
  • Install, remove or alter plumbing and electrical services
  • Improve unfinished areas of a dwelling
  • Demolish all or a portion of a structure or dwelling
  • Move a building either within a lot or onto another lot, including any manufactured or modular building
  • Install a wood-burning appliance, a fireplace insert, or a hearth stove

Devan Bacon is the Building Inspector for the Peace River Regional District and can be contacted at (250) 784-3212 or by email.

Alternatively please call Town Hall at (250) 242-4242 for assistance.

Fees are calculated on a project-to-project basis.