Municipal Bylaw Enforcement

As a division of the Protective Services Department, Bylaw Enforcement is primarily responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the citizens and visitors of Tumbler Ridge. They are based out of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Hall (325 Iles Way).


Local Governments have authority, under the Community Charter, to make statutory law (known as “bylaws”) regulating a wide, yet limited, variety of matters. Here is a list of our most frequented bylaws;

Animal Responsibility Bylaw
Building and Plumbing Bylaw
Business Licence Bylaw - Consolidated
Cemetary Bylaw - Consolidated
Fees and Charges Bylaw - Consolidated
Fire Protection Bylaw 
Municipal Ticketing Bylaw - Consolidated
Noise Control Bylaw
Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw - Consolidated
Recreational Cannabis Consumption Bylaw
Sign Bylaw - Consolidated
Solid Waste and Disposal Bylaw - Consolidated
Traffic & Highways Bylaw - Consolidated

Unsightly Premise Bylaw - Consolidated

Zoning Bylaw - Consolidated

For a complete listing of all Municipal Bylaws, visit Tumbler Ridge Town Hall.


Bylaw Enforcement responds to complaints. It is our mandate to try and achieve voluntary compliance, however, where this does not happen, the appropriate enforcement action is taken. When there are complaints and disputes between neighbouring residents it is important to remember that resolution is best handled through open communication between the parties involved.  Please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at (250) 242-3939 or by email to register your complaint. 


Every pet is a member of the family and is very special, so it is also very important that you’re aware of the bylaws and information surrounding the ownership of an animal. If your pet gets loose or lost, or if you have a complaint, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at (250) 242-3939.


For information on how to prevent dangerous wildlife encounters and what to do if you encounter wild animals, please visit the Ministry of Environment website.


Contacting Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement Officer - Ann More 
Telephone: (250) 242-3939
Email: Email