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Opportunities abound for property sales and investment in our community. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to land within our municipality. First and foremost, it is important to conduct research up front to determine where a potential development can be best accommodated. The information included on this page should help you get well on your way. It is always recommended that you make an appointment with the Chief Administrative Officer to discuss land options.

Tumbler Ridge Land for Sale

District Land

How to Submit a Letter of Intent for District Land
If you are interested in purchasing a particular lot or tract of raw land you must complete a Letter of Intent. Please review the District's new Land Sale Policy TR 38 for requirements and for detailed information on the process. Copies are also available at Town Hall.

Submissions must be addressed to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Please check back for updated listings.

If none of these options suit your needs, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer to discuss options for obtaining raw land for development.


District Property for Sale

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Tumbler Ridge Crown Land

Crown Land

Tumbler Ridge has a great deal of Crown land (provincially owned) within its District. If there isn’t suitable or sufficient land available from the municipality or private sector, Crown land could be the solution. 

All inquiries should be directed to the Integrated Land Management Bureau in Fort St. John at 250-787-3433.

For general information about Crown Land; its uses, policies and procedures, application information and more, click below.

General Information About Crown Land

Purchasing Crown Land for Rural Residential Development


Crown Land Tenure Application