Discover Tumbler Ridge

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Tumbler Ridge is a modest community set in breathtaking scenery, with a diverse culture stemming from a dynamic past. If you’re a resident or contemplating joining us in the near future, please browse this section to find relevant information on our town.


The geography or Tumbler Ridge has always played a significant role in the shaping of its history. The District has one of the most important fossil discoveries in British Columbia, and you can find more information in our Dinosaur section. Over recent decades, the town has transformed from a ranch into a bustling coal town in the 1980’s and continues to diversify each year.


Now Tumbler Ridge is a growing community thriving off of its glorious scenery and humble small town culture. There is a large array of medical and social services available as well as support groups for residents. The educational system in Tumbler Ridge is excellent with a full range of academic classes available from preschool to post-secondary.

Keeping Busy

We have a very active community and therefore we have numerous clubs and organizations. There’s something for everyone and for all ages to stay involved in, whether your interests are recreational or academic. Check out our multi-million dollar Community Centre, the local library or some of the clubs and organizations. Information on all of these can be found on this website.