District of Tumbler Ridge Public Works & Engineering

Public Works & Engineering

Tumbler Ridge takes great pride in its services and recreational areas, so we employ a superior Public Works department to maintain our community. We ask that everyone do their part to help keep our town clean and bright. Recycle when you can and volunteer some time when you have it to help keep our parks and campgrounds free from garbage and keep it natural.

General Information

Garbage pickup is broken down by sections and performed weekly. There is also a recycling facility and bottle depot available. The District has its own water sanitation system and an abundant reservoir supplying the town. Check this section to find schedules for garbage pickup and regulations, as well as locations for recycling centers.


There are several parks and campgrounds available for use in and around the District of Tumbler Ridge. There is a continual beautification and revitalization program in effect in our community to keep it clean and elegant. Being situated in such a geographically appealing region means that our town is nothing if not beautiful, and we aim to keep it that way.


Dustin Curry - A/Director of Operations and Infrastructure
Telephone: 250-242-1027
Email: trfire@dtr.ca

District of Tumbler Ridge Public Works

Tumbler Ridge Public Works