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The District of Tumbler Ridge is pleased to offer online services for property taxes, invoices and business licenses.

Currently the only accepted payment through our online payment portal is a valid credit card.  This service is offered through a third party provider.  Credit card processing fees will be applicable to all credit card payments and are approximately 1.5% of the total being paid.


      Property Taxes                                            Invoices                                           Business Licenses

View Account Balances                                  View Account Balances                      View Account Balances
Pay Property Taxes                                         Pay Invoices                                       Pay Business License
Claim Home Owner Grant                                                                                          Once Paid - Print Business License           

To use this service, you must register for an online account.  Registering will allow you to pay your property taxes, claim your Home Owner Grant, pay your District of Tumbler Ridge invoice, and pay your business license.

*Please allow 3 to 5 business days for online payments to complete processing

To register for Online Services, click here

You will need your Online Service Code:

  • Property Taxes – code on top right hand corner of Property Tax Notice
  • Invoices – code on top of Invoice
  • Business License – code on top of Business License Invoice

If you have any questions or need help registering, please contact our helpful staff at 250-242-4242.

***Please note:  You can still claim your Home Owner Grant through our website, you do not have to register with Online Services.


Home Owner Grant Application

Steps to claim your Home Owner Grant Online:


1. Locate your roll number and e-Hog password on the front of your tax notice
2. CLICK HERE to begin the home owner grant process
3. Enter your roll number and password - click on "Login Now"
4. Choose "Apply Now"
5. Selct "Basic" or "Additional" home owner grant - Not both
6. Enter requested information and then select "Apply Now"
7. Print confirmation before exiting the program

The Province of BC set out the qualifications for the home owner grant.  Click Here

Application Deadline

Eligible home owners must complete a grant application each year.  To avoid penalties on the grant amount, submit the grant online, or deliver to the District of Tumbler Ridge by July 2, 2020.

10% penalty dates is September 30, 2020. 

Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application for the Prior Year

If you did not claim the Home Owner Grant for the prior year, please contact the District Office and request an application for Retroactive Home Owner Grant or Click Here to complete the form online.  Print and submit the completed form to the District of Tumbler Ridge office.

For assistance please call the Town Hall 250-242-4242.


Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for ensuring the financial well-being of the municipality. We accomplish this goal through the provision of effective and reliable financial advice, services and information to Council, staff and the public. Over $8.4 million is collected annually from various sources including property taxes, utility payments, service charges and senior government grants. The Finance Department oversees the expenditure of these funds through the annual budget process.

In addition to collecting property taxes, which are administered by the District, the Finance Department is also responsible for collecting taxes for other authorities, including school taxes on behalf of School District #59, B.C. Assessment, the Municipal Finance Authority and the Peace River Regional District.

Financial functions also include accounts payable, purchasing goods and services, controlling inventory, payroll, the provision of property tax information, treasury services, budgeting and financial reporting.

The Five Year Budget

The 2020 - 2024 Financial Plan is a document that summarizes the revenues, expenditures and transfers for the District of Tumbler Ridge and each department within it.

You can find a hard copy available at Town Hall or click here.

Permissive Tax Exemptions

Council may, on or before October 31, exempt land from municipal property taxes for the next calendar year, subject to meeting certain requirements. The Permissive Tax Exemption Policy was adopted by Council on February 5, 2018 to provide guidelines and an application process to validate Permissive Tax Exemptions Council grants. This application process ensures fair consistent treatment and consideration for all applicants. Permissive Tax Exemptions will be valid for a three-year period, meaning groups will not have to go through the application process every year. Applications must be submitted no later than June 15th annually.

You can find a hard copy available at Town Hall or download it here

Contact Information

For more information please contact Celma Schribar, the Chief Financial Officer, at 250-242-4242 ext. 234 cschribar@dtr.ca.