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Licensing and Permits

We welcome your business in Tumbler Ridge, but before you get started you must first purchase a business licence.  This will make your business legitimate and it will give you valuable exposure to other businesses who may be interested in your product or services.  Note that there are seven categories of business licences and they require renewal as of January 31st of each year.  Consult our definitions guide to determine which one applies to your business.  

This is the list of available licences and the relative costs for each:

Industrial Business                    $200
Commercial Business              $150
Home Business (contractor)    $150
Non-Resident Business           $150
Unclassified Business              $150
Home Occupation Business    $75
Daily Business                            $50

The Application for a Business Licence is available for download, and you’ll be required to fill out another more in depth form once you purchase your licence.  This is designed to allow the municipality to monitor your business and better assist in marketing your business in our Business Directory.

To review the Business Licence Bylaw click here

Business Licence Registration Form
Date :
Name of person making application: 
Operating name of business: 
Business street address: 
Business mailing address: 
Business Phone: 
Business Cell:
Business Fax:
Business E-mail:
Principal Name: 
Mailing Address: 
Principal Name:
Mailing Address:
Principal Name:
Mailing Address:
Please provide a description (100 words max.) of the products and services that your company can provide:
What industrial/professional sector(s) do you serve?

Other sector served:
Number of employees: Full-time Part-time
Building Size:
Area used by your business (sq. ft.):
Is the space that you will be occuping:
Are you a:
Business License Category: 
Any business permitted and carried on in a C-1, C-2 or C-3 Zone.
Fee Payable: $150.00