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Fire Protection

Our community is safeguarded by group of 14 volunteers who dedicate their time to become trained and to support events in the community.  These men and women go through rigorous training to be effective assistance in the event of a brush fire, structural fire, motor vehicle incident or the handling of hazardous materials.  The team is extensively equipped with modern equipment that undergoes weekly inspection, and each member has minimum training requirements that must be met in order to become qualified.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you must have a valid drivers license, be 19 years of age and pass a criminal record check.  Please contact the Fire Chief at 250.242.3939 or email trfire@dtr.ca.

Emergency contact number for the Fire Department is 911.

Fire Chief Dustin Curry is the Municipal Emergency Coordinator for the District.

The Fire Hall is located at 325 Iles Way.



We encourage all families to participate in Fire Prevention Week (this year October 5 - 11) and build a home escape plan.  Fire Chief Dustin Curry and Sparky® will visit the elementary school to give talks on fire safety and prevention.  Tours of the Fire Hall can also be arranged.  There are also a variety of brochures and booklets available at the Fire Hall which relate to fire safety, smoke detection, burn prevention and residential wood heating.  Contact Fire Chief Matt Treit if you’re interested in more details on education and community involvement.

Forest Fire Danger Rating

The current Forest Fire Danger Rating is  Low.  There are currently no camp fire bans in place.


For more information on the Forest Fire Danger Rating, visit the Wildfire Management Branch's website.

Fire Underwriters Survey

A Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) was completed by SCM Risk Management Services Inc. in 2011.  The purpose of the FUS was to evaluate the fire services in Tumbler Ridge, and give a fire insurance grading and classification.  To view the public Fire Underwriters Survey document, please click here

Note: Some portions of this report have been hidden because they contain confidential and proprietary information which would reveal the methods used by SCM Risk Management Services Inc.  to establish certain criteria.  A completely unedited version of this report was presented to District of Tumbler Ridge Mayor and Council in October of 2011.  

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