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Protective Services

The Protective Services department is responsible for the security of our community and for providing information on how to prepare ourselves.  The majority of these services are volunteer driven, so we're always interested in recieving new applications from anyone interested.

Fire Department

The Fire Department is a dedicated group of 17 volunteers and the Fire Chief, who’ve spent a great deal of time training and donating their time to community events. 

The emergency contact number for the Fire Department is 911.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Fire Chief Matt Treit at 250.242.3939 or email him at trfire@dtr.ca



The emergency contact number for the RCMP is 911.

Contact for the local detachment is 250.242.5252


Search and Rescue

This team is a volunteer driven group that provides emergency assistance and provides medical services for local events as well.
For more information, or to volunteer, please call 250.242.4944

Please review our Emergency Preparedness section for more information on how to deal with an emergency situation and what residents should do to.



Matt Treit - Fire Chief/Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer