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Community Development

The Tumbler Ridge Community Development Office is a department of the District of Tumbler Ridge municipal operations. The department functions as the main catalyst for economic initiatives with the goal of growing and contributing to the overall succes of the community.

We strive to benefit the town through continual efforts to attract quality business, improve current economic conditions and improve all in all, the District itself.  Really, Tumbler Ridge speaks for itself when it comes to quality opportunity, but it's our job to make sure the word is spread.

Some of the specific functions of the department include:

  • Assistance in site selection for various developments and projects
  • Coaching for individual business owners, including advice and guidance for:
  • Idea identification and refinement
  • Business plan research and development
  • Market plan research and development
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Operation and product improvement/expansion
  • District liaison services for project development, both private and public
  • Compilation and distribution of the community business inventory
  • Compilation and distribution of community statistics and demographics
  • Lobbying coordination for District sanctioned efforts
  • Other functions that may be of interest to the general community:
    • Community project development and management
    • Consulting for community development projects
    • Information on government assistance programs
    • Proposal guidance and review services

For a glance into what is happening in Tumbler Ridge’s local economy, including activity forecasts and available business opportunities, please take a look at our Economic Development Outlook and Business Opportunity Summary.

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